2014-04-17 4点.31.47 PMThere is an old saying in government – “Those who are involved in politics the least get screwed the most.这句话从来没有像今天这样真实.

如果不是为了工会, there would be no organized voice for working people in the political process. Virtually every special interest group has political action committees who help elect sympathetic candidates and make sure their voices are heard by government decision-makers. Wealthy individuals like the Koch Brothers spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to influence the political process, 你可以确定他们的利益与你的利益并不一致! These are the same people who want to end labor unions through “right to work for less” laws, 资助茶党极端分子, 取消现行的工资和项目劳动协议, 让普通公民更难投票.

Local 98 has been hard at work defending your rights in Harrisburg and City Hall. With conservative Republicans controlling the Governor’s Office and the state legislature, Local 98 has led the fight with other Pennsylvania labor unions to stop the same anti-worker, 最近在威斯康星州出现了企业支持的立法, 俄亥俄州, 和密歇根州.
在过去的几年里, right-wing corporate interests have been hard at work attacking collective bargaining, 引入“少工作权”的立法, 危及我们行业的未来. Local 98 will not stand by and allow Pennsylvania to become the next battleground state for workers’ rights, and we have been heavily involved in making sure decision makers at all levels of government are working to protect your interests.

IBEW Local 98 is involved in politics to make sure the voices of working people are heard loud and clear. We support candidates who support the interests of working people and value economic development and the importance of a hard day’s work. We also participate politically to make sure the wages and standards that organized labor has fought so hard for remain intact. After all, the best negotiated contract can be undone with a single piece of legislation.



Local 98 works hard to advocate for the adoption of “best practices” in the construction industry. Below are just a few highlights of some of the issues with which we have recently been involved.

State Representatives John Taylor and Ed Neilson sponsored a bill (HB 1585) to require statewide licensure for electricians and electrical contractors who do inside work. PA是少数几个没有这一要求的州之一. Licensing will allow our members to work anywhere in PA and in many other states without obtaining other licenses. 这也将有助于打击非技术人员, 未经训练的, and undocumented workers by requiring all electricians to have the same high skill level that our members already have. 98地方法院强烈支持这项立法, and our members will be able to easily obtain a license due to the rigorous training and experience they already have. 该法案预计将于2014年举行听证会.
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In 2013, State Senator John Rafferty sponsored the first comprehensive transportation funding bill for Pennsylvania since 1997. 这项法案将筹集2美元.3 billion in additional annual spending for critically needed infrastructure upgrades to roads, 桥梁, 公共交通系统. 这些额外的资金可以产生多达60个,在整个州有000个工作岗位, and includes hundreds of millions for SEPTA projects in the Philadelphia region – including the funds necessary to start long-range projects like the subway extension to the Navy Yard.

Non-union contractors have been aggressively lobbying officials in Harrisburg to allow 1-to-1 journeyman to apprentice ratios on every construction job in the state. This change would allow these contractors to cut their payroll costs by replacing experienced journeymen with less expensive labor–when many of these contractors do not even run true apprenticeship programs! This change would devastate employment prospects in the construction industry over the long term for journeymen. 十博网址强烈反对这一提议. 我们的十博网址总监, 麦克尼尔, 是宾夕法尼亚学徒和培训委员会的成员吗. The Apprenticeship and 培训 Council so far has not approved any of these devastating ratio modification requests.

在22街和市场街交叉口的大楼倒塌之后, 十博网址与市议会和州代表密切合作. Bill Keller to enact tougher code requirements and better enforcement practices for construction and demolition. 吉姆南京, 我们的安全协调员和国家认可的代码专家, presented testimony to lawmakers about the shortcomings in existing practices that need to be addressed. 他的许多建议被采纳进了城市法律, with legislation pending in Harrisburg to generate millions more for stronger enforcement.
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Councilmen Bobby Henon and Jim Kenney have been hard at work cracking down on unscrupulous developers and contractors who pay their workers cash, 骗取税收, 在安全和工人保护方面偷工减料. They recently passed a tough new contractor bill in City Council to prohibit third-party permits and increase enforcement and accountability to run these bad actors out of town.


Since 2011, Pennsylvania has operated under a broken system for evaluating new building codes. 由于机能失调, our state continues to operate under the 2009 codes with little hope of modern codes being adopted until at least 2015. Local 98 has advocated for legislation to fix the UCC Review and Advisory Council process to make it easier for new codes to be adopted statewide. City Councilman and Local 98 member Bobby Henon currently sits on the UCC Review and Advisory Council and is advocating for changes to the way the RAC operates from his seat on the board, 也.

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